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L'association des francophones de Belgrade

Une adhérente souhaite vous passer cette information sur une agence de baby-sitting:
Il s'agit de deux étudiantes serbes qui montent une agence de garde d'enfants. Je connais l'une personnellement. Une fille très bien qui mérite un coup de pouce.
Merci pour elles.
We are a new babysitting agency in Belgrade specialized in providing professional and enthusiastic child care for Belgrade's foreign families. If you are looking for a reliable and energetic babysitter, give us a call. We offer: 

One-time sitters: Need a sitter for while you are at that birthday party or concert next week? Whether it is during the day or in the evening, call us and make a single request. We'll assign someone based on your preferences and on sitter availability.

Emergency sitters: Did your boss call you into the office last minute, and you don't have anyone to take care of the kids? Call us even with last-minute requests of under 24 hours, and we will send a sitter to you promptly.

Regular sitters: Are you looking for a sitter at the same time each day or each week? Let us know about your preferences, and we will make sure to reserve the same sitter for you for regular visits. 

Professional/Full-time sitters: Do you need a sitter on a full-time basis, but don't know how to find one? We are your one-stop shop for the best full-time childcare.

Sleepover sitters: Do you have a full schedule in the next few weeks, and need some relief? Our temp service can offer a sitter for you for longer periods - whether this be a few days or a few weeks, including overnights. 

Travel sitters: Do you feel like you need a vacation after your family vacations? Bring along a travel sitter and take the well-deserved vacation you need while our trained staff looks after your loved ones. After all, vacations should be relaxing and carefree!

All of our sitters are highly qualified, have had background checks, are English speakers, and are First Aid Certified. We hand-picked our staff to make sure that we offer only the highest quality of service, in order to keep our clients happy. 

The price range goes from 4.5 to 8 euros/hour depending on the package purchased and the number of children being cared for. We offer different packages and good deals for those who decide to use our services regularly. Because every family has different needs and requests, families can have free consultations with us and we will match you with a sitter that meets your needs. This can be done in person or on the phone. Please don't hesitate to contact us in case you have any further questions. 
It would mean a lot to us if you could spread the word. Thank you. :)
Warm regards,
Babysitters' Club
Tijana Gnjatović    061/244-24-91
Tea Ilić    061/244-24-61